Chantier Naval Plaquet SPRL - Rue du Canal 15 - 7640 Péronnes - Tél: 0032(0)69/44.29.71
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Without shipyards, there would be river transport. Here, we maintain and repair barges. Everyone has his own task: the boiler-maker and the welder handle the iron structures, the mechanic takes care of motors, the electrician and the carpenter repair when it is needed...  they all work together.

Every five years, the barges must be revised.Sometimes, however, they  undergo damages and urgently need repairs. We then repair the hull, propeller or engine, to allow the ships to leave again for new journeys.



Since its creation in 1850, the Shipyard PLAQUET built:

  • From 1850 - 1928: construction of wooden barges;
  • After 1928 : construction of steel barges, riveted and welded;
  • From 1960 : slowdown in the construction, adaptation of the workshops for repairs and conversion of barges to 1,350 tons;
  • Today : the company deals with, among others, repair and maintenance for all types of boats up to 85 m long. Demand for processing barge in houseboat is gaining momentum.
  • Our drydock capacity is:

simultaneously :

- 1 barge 85 m x 9.5 m
- 1 barge 47 m x 6 m
- 2 barges 38 m x 5.05 m


  • Our floating dock: Maximum Width 5.5 m

CIMG0004 CIMG0005 Picture_041

  • Our Know how is in:
    1. in Steel
    2. in Stainless Steel
    3. in Aluminum
    4. in Mechanics



Repairs and Maintenance

  • Carpentry, in wood and/or aluminum
  • Boiler all hull work
  • Lengthening and narrowing of vessels
  • Motors
  • Work in mechanical turning, milling
  • Electricity
  • Propellers
  • Hydraulic
  • Plumbing
  • Heating






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